How brightly do you shine?

Can others see your light? Do you have enough left over for yourself after you’ve helped others with theirs?

Our hearts are calling us to become the beings we were born to become, and to work that engages us with the world we live in.
When we say "Yes" to to this call, and show up in alignment, we change the world.

Of course, this alignment doesn’t always come easy. There’s  a potential for a lot of discomfort as we shed layers of our story, heal the trauma that comes up to the light, and commit to be true to our hearts in the process.

It can get intense…but it doesn’t have to take us out of the game.

Suffering isn’t a requirement for growth. There are ways of moving through the tough stuff more gently, with ease and grace, so that you can level up your light and become that change you’re so desperately wanting to see in the world.

And you don't have to do it alone.

Come see what’s possible.

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"Darcy’s placement of intent is clean and pure.  No personal agenda or expectations here…just a clear channel for Spirit to work through.  Very refreshing!

Practitioners like Darcy, of whom there are too few, respect the oneness of all and thus bring honor to our profession."

"Cosmic Ani" Avedissian
-Intuitive Healer & Teacher